Hydrogen Production and Sosei Advantage

hydrogen production by volume 2003 

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Today, there are  numerous efforts to produce  hydrogen gas for environmentally friendly energy applications which either require expensive reactants, reagents, catalysts or other energy sources.  Some emit other harmful gases or  result in other undesirable consequences from extended, extensive use.  Here is a video which offers clear insight into why Dr. Fukai’s Sosei Water is in a keystone position to connect society with the benefits of clean, affordable water based hydrogen energy production.

Hydrogen generation from functional water Steam Reforming
Sosei-H-Production1 HydrogenBySteam

Water & Metal Catalytic Hydrogen Production


Themochemical Hydrogen Generation

Water is key for Catalytic Hydrogen Production HydrogenByThermalDecomp

Natural Water vs. Sosei Functional Water vs. Tap Water each with a gram of aluminum powder for Hydrogen Production


Hydrogen production by Electrolysis


1 gram Alum producing 2 liters of hydrogen gas 


Biomass Hydrogen Generation

1gmAlumBoilSoseiWater2lterHydrogenGas BioMassHydrogenProd
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